Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel Doll

As I walked through a Christmas market this week, I fell in love with a little Christmas Angel doll. The Christmas ornament made me smile as I picked her up so I immediately bought her to give to a friend of mine on my way home. As I handed the little Christmas Angel over to my friend I realised how cute the doll was and so I returned to the stall later on to buy a few more. These extra angels are now adorning Christmas gifts, wrapped ready to be given. At the moment they decorate my cottage and kitchen Christmas table making our home look really festive.

Each time I look at one of these little Christmas angels I smile. They have that effect on me. Perhaps  "angels" in any form have a knack of making us feel better. I love the saying that "Friends Are Angels Without Wings". I have a few "angel" friends who have been so wonderful to lean on and who have been there for me when I have needed them. In return I love that my friends know they too can lean on me, at any time.

I couldn't resist painting the little Christmas Angel doll. I often paint Christmas decorations each year and as this one was so adorable I couldn't put it to one side without trying to capture it in watercolour first. I will confess I find it very hard to paint dolls. My artists brain will always want to see facial features in exactly the right places and proportions. I also find myself desperately trying to choose good skin tones when actually for a doll this really isn't a huge issue! This doll has no nose. It has two beady black eyes and a line for a small shy smile. Painting the doll's face as it is was a huge test to my being strict with myself not to add a nose. An the doll actually looks cute without it.

I loved painting this little angel. I hope it makes others smile,  as much as it did while I was creating this watercolour angel.

Perhaps my painting will make you smile, tempt you to paint one of your own Christmas ornaments or encourage you to buy a Christmas ornament to give to a friend too. Its' a tradition I have. Each year I give  new Christmas ornaments to friends I feel would like one for their tree. It passes smiles around and what else could be better at this time of year?

Who will you pass a smile to?

Happy painting.



Rosie Tuszynska said...

How lovely and yes I do feel inspired to paint some Christmassy things myself x

Jo said...

What an adorable angel doll and your story is wonderful. I have gifted several with homemade pumpkin bread, hot coffee, hot homemade soup, homemade easy Paella, some warm gloves and snacks. The Salvation Army volunteer lady was the latest. She looks so cold outside last Friday ringing her bell and only had a Coke and some Goldfish crackers for food. And she is collecting money for those in need. I came back the next day with her goodies. It was wonderful to see her reaction. I have also driven through a fast food restaurant to leave some money to pay for the next 4-5 or more people who want coffee or something. "Paying it forward" is something I have done my whole life and before there was a term for it. Just being grateful. Keep sharing your stories and beautiful paintings. You inspire us all.