Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Seedheads 2016

"Past Their Best"
Seedheads from my cottage garden 

Today the weather is milder and so I have taken time to wander around our cottage garden. My attention has been caught by all the stunning seedheads that now stand out significantly amongst the barren flower beds. 

The colour and hue of the hydrangea, in my painting above, are to me now as pleasing as when they were first in flower this summer. One particular variety is showing violet, turquoise and golden dried flower heads which look wonderful when the ground is snowy, frost covered below and beyond in the distance behind them.

It has been heaven working on these today and I am about to start a new larger wash. 

Artists Tip for the day?

Don't just paint all the time.
Get out and find new inspiration .
Go for a walk to clear your head and come back energised and refreshed.
It works for me!


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