Friday, 16 December 2016

A Christmas Miracle

Angels or Fairies?

 Sometimes things happen while you are painting that are completely unexpected. I took several pieces of paper this morning and created colour washes on them. As my theme for today was painting in cool colours to represent the cold wintry weather outside I opted for one purple and one blue shade and allowed these to flow across my paper fusing, merging and  making patterns as they evolved during the drying process.

I left my studio and headed for a coffee break in our cottage. When I returned to my studio over an hour later I was amazed to see how one wash, seen below, had dried.

Can you see what I see?

 Figures appearing in my wash.

 I see figures flying in the sky. To me they seem like angels on the wing. But they could also be taken for fairies. Both are Christmas symbols.

Either way, I loved what happened  so I added a few hints around  some of the figure edges and loved the painting as it is.

 So here is my "Angels on The Wing " painting.

"Angels on the Wing"


Actually I know a few of  my friends and contacts could really do with a huge hug or an angel on their shoulder right now. 
So from me to you, a Christmas Angel is now on your Shoulder and may she watch over you!


Artist Tips for the Day?

1) Keep practising those washes.
2) Don't be in a rush when you work on a first wash, take your time and see what might be appearing in it.
3) Believe in the magic that can happen with watercolour!


Lala Woods said...

I saw angels or fairies in the original wash Jean and love the way you have brought them out. I desperately need an angel right now so thank you, I accept yours gratefully.

H.D. Campbell said...

Beautiful I seen tinkerbell right away!
Happy Holidays dear Jean and I look forward to a very creative new year!
All my best to you and your family

Graciela De Luca said...

Sublime! Merry Christmas Jean

H.D. Campbell said...

I see tinker bell 😚