Friday, 9 December 2016

Feliz Navidad : Poinsettia in Watercolour

"Feliz Navidad"
 Poinsettia in Watercolour 

Every year, at Christmas, I always have at least one poinsettia plant in our home. Here in UK they are house plants but when we lived in Hong Kong I would buy giant potted plants of poinsettia to decorate the entrance to our home there. Once Christmas was over these massive plants would  be planted in our garden and they grew to form a hedge along one wall. Each year the display of massive red blooms used to give us such wonderful cheer and they were a reminder of our Christmas celebrations at home in England. At times I will admit, I would be homesick but I threw myself into my new life there. It was a fantastic adventure, one I am glad not to have missed.

I think we often have new adventures facing us in our lives but we may not realise it. It could be something huge as in a move, a new journey or something simple. Even trying a new way of painting is an adventure and I am yet again experimenting, preparing for a year ahead full of wonderful paintings.

I am also thinking of all my terrific friends across the world who will be celebrating Christmas in so many countries and in so many languages. Hence the title of my painting today.

"Feliz Navidad" 

Today I took three tubes of red shades. I let them mingle on wet paper and finally picked out the petal shapes in the patterns forming for the burst of energetic red colour creating my poinsettia flower. As seen above.

Where ever you are, whatever you are doing I hope the spirit of the season is with you, giving you reason to smile at times. And that your memories of Christmas's gone by are happy ones.

Happy painting!



cat lady said...

Thank you Jean for your wonderful spirit!
These reds look beautiful together.

Be-SOS said...

Feliz Navidad para ti tambien Jean

Denise Mallam said...

Beautiful,such vibrant colours as always.I wish you and your family a wonderful Xmas and celebrations for the New Year to come.Keep those brushes wet.Love from Tasmania Australia x x x

Unknown said...

As I was reading one your 4 books I own,it occurred to me that I checked Jean Haines - Poisettia , I might find one.
I am so happy to find one!! Such a fresh approach to painting a poinsettia as will all of your flowers.