Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Bark: The Herald Angels Sing

 "Bark: The Herald Angels Sing"
Bearded Collie Choir revisited

Some time ago I painted a choir of Bearded Collies one Christmas. Actually the paintingreally  never started out as a choir or group of dogs. Altought it ended up as one. It was going to be a painting of just one Bearded Collie. Then two others appeared either side of the first dog and before I knew it I had gotten carried away and lots of dogs joined the choir. As I still have it, I looked at the original painting recently. Because it has been used as a design for raising funds for rescue Beardies this Christmas. In honour of Bailey, my own Bearded Collie who I lost recently.

I knew I could improve the painting by adding detail to it. And I have. I have made some of the nose sizes smaller which looks better and I added shadows under the Santa hats.  I improved the beardie fur too around some of the faces. 

Who knows, maybe these new images will be charity Christmas cards next year to help dogs in need.

But the crops of my painting seem suitable for more Christmas Carol titles. And they made me smile. I hope they make you smile too.

So below we have

"We Three Kings"

 And below next we have

"O Come All Ye Faithful"

You can see how I improved my painting by looking at the original "three king" painting below. I like the softer effect achieved above. We all grow as artists and I am on a very exciting journey. Who knows what tomorrow might bring! 

Original three king painting.


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Absolutely sweet and lovely!!!