Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Colour and Light in Watercolour : Collectors Edition

The new edition of "Colour and Light in Watercolour" is now available on Amazon.com for pre order.

Please be aware there is not just one but two versions of this book. As a celebration of its' relaunch it has been decided by my publishers to launch a very special collectors edition which is a beautiful hardback. This is a limited  print so once the hard back edition has sold out that will be it and the book will from then on only be available in the paperback form.

Some people prefer hard back and some  prefer paperback. This is a very wonderful chance to choose which ever you prefer. I am a hard back kind of buyer. I like to have my art books on my coffee table to read  in the evenings. But a paperback isn't so worrying if you use it while painting and get pigment splattered all over it! So you have a lovely choice of either or, or as one artist has told me  today. They are happily buying both. One will get covered in watercolour, the beautiful hard back will stay pristinely clean!

If you are interested this is the link to Amazon.com.

There is a paperback available.


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