Sunday, 19 July 2015

Yellow Rose : On My Easel

Yellow Rose Coming To Life on My Easel

When the weather is so wonderful nothing beats sitting outside quietly and painting.

Outside my Kitchen window I have a flower bed that is created purely for roses. When the kitchen windows are open the perfume of these beautiful flowers wafts inside as the scent fills the air in our cottage  It is sheer heaven!

I had been painting ragwort  from the nearby fields but as the yellow and green shades I was using as a base for my ink additions in the abstract were so nice I thought I would use them on the yellow rose blooming at the moment in our garden.

I have allowed a central section of strong yellow to merge with turquoise for the main bloom shapes.  The addition of orange shades applied with the rigger from my personalised brush set helps the petals to appear.

In the lower sections there is a drop of left over blue ink which has merged to create the pattern you see which can be read as foliage shadows.

It has been a terrific painting day and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Life is good when we can see and enjoy the beauty around us.

Happy painting!


I tend to work with a size 10 brush for flowers and add touches of pigment from my soft rigger which is perfect for painting detail. Which is why these two brushes are sold as a set. I tend to hold them both in my hands when I am working and they are so gorgeous to handle.

They are available from Jackson's Art Supplies. 

I am sorry to say I closed my on line shop due to the popularity of my brushes. Which sounds crazy but it is true. It was taking so much time. Even though I have a PA it was becoming a full time job just to handle my sales page yet alone take workshop bookings and enquiries. Now I am happy to say that Jackson's Art Supplies are selling my personalised brush range. I am thrilled! The problem my brushes are so popular that they are low in stock there too at the moment but more stock will be in soon. The size 12 of mine is an absolute favourite worldwide too and I just couldn't live without my set. Its' perfect for all of my work, and I love it!


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