Monday, 13 July 2015

USA Watercolour Workshops 2016

Jean Haines World of Watercolour
Released June 2015 
Available from and Art Suppliers

Jean Haines  USA Watercolour and Book signing Tour 2016

I have been really busy working on my upcoming tours and believe it or not I am currently working through wonderful Art Society invitations booking me through to 2018.

The following locations are confirmed for next year.  Others will be added soon.

 Spring  2016
 Seattle , Daniel Smith Head Office FULLY BOOKED

Autumn 2016 
Dallas, Texas
Sonoma, California

 Please note : Details will only be released once hosting Art Society members have had a chance to book places.


Thank you to everyone who has contacted me  requesting workshops in USA locations. I am  now connecting with the most incredible Art Societies who so warmly welcome me with such professionalism. I hope to give every single artist attending my workshops as much personal attention as possible on my courses and aim to have everyone leaving highly motivated, enthused and inspired.

As I am always working on my schedule please don't hesitate to contact me if your Art Society would like to be added to my future tours. I work well in advance so I look forward to hearing from you.



Margie Hildreth said...

I want to be put on the list for Dallas 2016. I'm so excited that you will be so close to San Antonio. I'm a huge fan.
Margie Hildreth

Margie Hildreth said...

I want to be put on the wait list for Dallas 2016. I'm so glad you will be close to San Antonio. I'm a huge fan.
Margie Hildreth

okielois said...

I am definitely interested in the Dallas workshop in the autumn of 2016.
Lois Robertson

Bruce Judisch said...

My wife, Jeannie Judisch, is extremely interested in your Dallas workshop next autumn. Looking forward to details.

Teresa said...

I am in East Tennessee so if there is an East Coast Workshop, I am interested, but I would like to be notified about the Dallas Workshop.
I have been a fan of Morelle and Karoenska for many years but haven't found a teacher to teach their extreme wet in wet style.
I have read the books, and watched the DVDs, now I need a live teacher to,progress.