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New Book : Colour and Light in Watercolour 2015

 Colour and Light in Watercolour

Jean Haines Colour and Light in Watercolour
New Edition 

Following hot on the heels of my latest book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour"  is the new edition of my first book "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour". I was over the moon when my publishers asked me some time ago if I would consider a new edition of my first book. They explained to me that although my first book was initially released in a series it had stood out in its own right and popularity. To the point that they felt it should have a life of its' own as a stand alone book. I am new as an author so at first was unsure but then realised this was the perfect opportunity to breath new life into my very first publication as I would be given more space to add new demonstrations and give my first book the updated information to bring it in line with how I paint now. I have grown so much since writing this publication so to have the opportunity to add to it was marvellous. And I am so lucky to be with such a great publisher who knew this was much needed.

 The original version of "How To Paint Colour and Light"

  The original version of "How To Paint Colour and Light" has now gone to reprint for the very last time. Copies are still available currently on and from book stores but once the last copy has been sold that will be it.  And I loved this book. It was my first leap into being an author. But I knew I had tried to cram too much into it. There was never enough room in it for the illustrations I wanted to share or the text to accompany them as the pages were limited in number. This was to fit in with the series.  I had strict guidelines to follow on how many pages there would be, the format was set and the lay out. Even so, I tried to ooze my own personality into this publication and did so. So  successfully that my two recent books followed because of it and they have become best sellers worldwide, much to my surprise and delight.  And I am surprised to the point of being bowled over. 

You see, I am well aware that there are zillions of talented artists in the world so I find it very humbling as an experience to share my passion for painting and then discover readers and artists all over the world like what I am sharing. Believe it or not, It is very belittling to exist in such a vast art world and feel as though you are a tiny dot in the artistic universe, then frighteningly understand that you have actually been noticed by someone, especially if they are on the other side of the globe. 

Trust me, at times I really cannot believe the messages I read telling me my words and paintings are enjoyed so much. And I never wish to change or take this  euphoric feeling for granted.  

I work hard when I write so changes to the first edition had to be thought out carefully so as not to repeat or duplicate what was in my other books and I had to work in a way to enhance this new edition, not detract from its' already existing popularity. This was a daunting project to take on. I believ if anything is worth doing it has to be done well so this wouldn't be a half hearted attempt at expanding a book. It had to read beautifully and be fascinating at the same time. 

 Gone to print for the very last time

I worked carefully through each chapter and also took on board questions I have been asked like how do I use my brushes. How do I glaze? That is layer with colour over whole paintings. How I have grown as an artist easily is highlighted. And yet again I share my discoveries and ideas on learning and growing in each page.

I delighted in sharing demonstrations on new subjects like the step by step in a sailing scene. I loved showing how to paint the same subject in different ways stretching our imagination. And I love that this new verison, along with my other two books will form a terrific library on watercolour that will help readers to grow as artists and love painting as much as I do.

Sailing Step by Step demonstration from my new book out this November.

But before anyone considers buying a copy can I explain there is even more good news. Many of my followers enjoy hard back books. But this  publication was initially a paperback.  So, this will be a very special book in that it will be available in two formats. My wonderful publishers have decided to print a special collectors edition in a hard back version and also a soft back. 

So if you like my books and wish to buy thsi new edition please consider which version you would like best.  Although one artist has already informed me that they are buying both versions. One for the coffee table and one to use to paint from so that it can get splattered with colour, free from worry of damaging it!

Not many art authors get the opportunity to release two new books in one year. I must be living some kind of wonderful dream. And between you and me, I honestly never want to wake up!


Can I thank everyone who has bought copies of my books. You probably have no idea how happy this makes me, sharing my love of art ,but without people like you I wouldn't be able to do so.

So a huge


From a very grateful and happy artist.


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Hi Jean,

I'm wondering what types of changes there will be between the old edition and the new; if I don't yet own the original would the new edition have all of the old content, plus more, or is some of the original excised from the new edition? Or some other permutation my heat-addled brain can't think of right now? :)