Wednesday, 22 July 2015

" Presence "

 Lost for Words
Sometimes its' impossible to find the right title to go with a painting.
"It looks better on me" comes to mind when I see these beautiful creatures with their ivory tusks.

I am preparing my studio for filming my new DVD with Townhouse Films here next month. While tidying up  my store cupboards it has been really incredible coming across not only products but old paintings that I have kept to remind me of my art journey. I envisage being an old lady looking through my collection of watercolours one day and remembering when and why they were painted. And where. That is of course if I can remember!

They say elephants never forget. So it is timely that I  reworked an old favourite of one this afternoon. I made this piece more vibrant using my favourite Daniel Smith shades. Layering and building up colour. I loved working the textural colour veins in the top right hand corner. You can see a close up of these below.

 Watercolour veins worked in watercolour to add interest in the background. 
Isn't this a stunning shade of blue?

I wonder if you noticed the baby elephant at the foot of the painting? Hidden and protected by its caring and doting mother. It is only just there. As is the rapidly declining population of these stunning creatures.

Hidden baby elephant at the foot of the painting.

My heart aches when I think that in generations to come these  gentle giants may be a thing of the past. Wiped out by mans' greed. It is such an awful thought. And yet so much of our wildlife is suffering at the hands of the human race. 

How ashamed those who  are behind their loss should feel.
Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I care so much about animals. They have no voice of their own so it really is up to us to do our bit to raise awareness and help if we can where and when needed. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages from my last blog post  with the previous elephant painting. 

It really does help to know I am surrounded by people and friends who, like me, care.



Graciela De Luca said...

Es maravilloso! También tu actitud frente a la protección de la vida silvestre. Y por suerte es contagiosa! Mi más sincero respeto y agradecimiento por ponernos permanentemente en conocimiento de distintas formas de contribuir con el tema.
Como siempre muchas gracias por compartirlo.

Nader said...

great blog and great watercolors, really inspirational.
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