Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Will You Miss Me When I am Gone?

Elephant in watercolour.
Is it appearing or disappearing?

I am sat quietly working in my studio. Experimenting with all the art products I have accumulated or been given over the years. I haven't painted an elephant for a while so began to create one in this dramatic first wash. Yes, this is one of those days where colour dictates my subject rather than I.
But as I painted this majestic creature my mind began to wander. How many of us adore elephants ? How many wildlife artists or photographers enjoy capturing their images? Many across the world. But I have to ask the question. What wildlife animals will artists of the future be painting because so many are sadly disappearing. The plight of elephants due to poaching for ivory is a frightening one. I can't see why with all the technology and information we have at hand this isn't stopped before it is far too late.

How can we as a human race watch as these stunning creatures are annihilated for financial greed and ancient medicinal beliefs?

I wish I could paint a magic wand that would make people worldwide see sense to save these beautiful beings.

If only.

And so the title.

The elephant.

" Will you miss me when I am gone?" 



Diane said...

Beautiful thank you. Yes it is a sad day when we struggle to protect the unprotected.

lifeblog said...

Thank you - very, very much.