Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Brush With Love

A Brush With Love

"Touched By Angels  "
Original watercolour

This last weekend saw many bouquets of flowers arrive along with many floral decorations for a huge marquee that was erected in our garden to celebrate my special birthday this year.

When the beautiful white table centres arrived apparently my face was a picture. I was so stunned as I had no idea so many flowers were going to be here.The wonderful scent filling the air was incredible. These flowers were far too beautiful for just one person to enjoy so after the party I drove to  some special  homes to share my flower arrangements knowing my actions would be completely out of the blue and raise smiles

I have quietly sat in my studio and painted a few individual flowers when I had a few minutes.While doing so it occurred to me that the softness in my brushstrokes over the last few days has been strongly affected by the love I have felt shown towards me. As well as the love held in each flower carefully selected and arranged to bring so much joy to a special occasion.

The colours in this study are those chosen to represent my peaceful,serene mood. I am so happy.Happier than any one person ever deserves to be.

Any artist will tell you that often within any painting there will be a special section. A favourite area where magic has happened or where everything has gone absolutely perfectly. This may sound strange but I felt blessed by angels when I painted this  study of white flowers. I truly did.

A favourite section within 
" Touched By Angels"

I know I don't deserve to be this happy, no one does in their lifetime. I also know this painting isn't finsihed and yet that special moment of  feeling as though someone else touched your hand while you were working has passed. I may just keep this as a memento of my special day. It certainly does capture that feeling of love in it that has been shown to me so very often and I love how this painting found its' own title.

" Touched by Angels"
I wish everyone could be.



Lindsey said...

very beautiful - the happiness shows!

anne.newton5 said...

that is so lovely, thank youy for sharing that