Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Watercolours With Life Workshop May 2011

Watercolours With Life Workshop 
May 2011

Garlic Demonstration from yesterdays Workshop

Yesterday was fabulous.The first of my Summer Watercolour Workshops in Hampshire took place with artists attending from Iceland and USA.

( Hello Gudrun,Maria and Marsha! )

We painted absolutely everything. From flowers,animals,landscapes.You name it, it was included. I demonstrated  my new favourite cockerel and  I now adore painting Sweet William and Hollyhock flowers having shared my latest technique for working on the flower shapes. In fact I now have a zillion ideas for new paintings just from one session.

During the day I had lain a string of garlic bulbs on my desk and toyed with the idea of painting them. I had the group laughing as I decided, at first, not to and then finally couldn't resist. I now LOVE painting garlic!

The whole point of taking them in to the class was for everyone to think about painting subjects you wouldn't normally paint.

Well my new subject now is garlic and lots of it!

Thank you  to everyone who came yesterday,who was so enthusiastic and warm to be with.It was  a fantastic session and I look forward to seeing you all again!

For now 

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Garlic from yesterdays demonstration

"Everything and anything IS a subject!"  Jean Haines

I hate to say this but there are only three places left on my Autumn Workshops even though the dates have only just been  published.Please contact me if you are interested in coming and quickly!

details are on my new web site

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