Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Originals at Lyndhurst Gallery 2011

New Originals at Lyndhurst Gallery 2011
 With Tom at Lyndhurst Gallery yesterday .
Yesterday I had a wonderful drive to the New Forest to deliver original watercolours to the Lyndhurst Gallery which nestles in Lyndhurst, in the heart of the New Forest. It is a beautiful location for a gallery and it was wonderful to see visitors enjoying the art on display during my meeting with the gallery owners.
Lyndhurst Gallery,
Lyndhurst,Hampshire, U.K

As you walk into the light modern venue you can't help but be immediately attracted to the vibrant art on display. All paintings are  perfectly displayed allowing space for each to be enjoyed. The variety of work is incredible and as always I found myself wishing to leave with a painting to take home. A common problem for an art lover. I often deliver but consider what I would buy at the same time! This to me is a very good sign. For me to walk into a gallery and not want to purchase leaves me worrying that I have chosen unwisely on where to show my own paintings.

This certainly isn't the case with Lyndhurst Gallery. Not only are there fabulous paintings that act as a feast for the eyes but there is the most beautiful sculpture from the very talented Rosemary Cook SWA

A selection of art at Lyndhurst Gallery

Amonmg my collection I have two new horse racing scenes  on show at the gallery including " Red Hot Favourite  " , every ones new favourite it seems.

"Red Hot Favourite"
New original watercolour available at Lyndhurst Gallery

When I left the gallery I decided to enjoy the New Forest so took a drive through fantastic woodland and finally came home with that sense of peace and inner excitement from having had such a great day out. Now it is time to work in my studio again and I know exactly what I will be painting!


If you would like more information about Lyndhurst Gallery or my work there please see  my web site

or you can view my collection at the gallery via this link.


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