Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Special Birthday

A Special Birthday

Table decorations from my birthday celebrations. 

My blog fell quiet as I have just celebrated a very special birthday. Last week a marquee was erected in our garden for an amazing party over the weekend and this morning it is being dismantled. The party was magical with  friends and family dancing to the band and it was a day I will never forget. Like many special occasions in my life it all felt like the most amazing of dreams.
Over the last few weeks and especially the last few days I have held that wonderful feeling of being surrounded by love from my family and friends. Everyone wanted me to have the most beautiful of birthdays and I did. My home feels like a florists, cards from all over the world sit on every space available . I can't quite take in all the wonderful moments that have carried me to today sitting quietly in my studio  thinking about how blessed I am.

I was repeatedly asked what I would like for my birthday. And in all honesty I couldn't think of a single thing.

I have love and I am loved.
I have the most incredible family in the world imaginable.
I have many wonderfrul friends and I adore them,
I am healthy and  never take a single day  of waking for granted or my gift of sight.
Not a week goes by where something special doesn't happen in it.
What more could I want?

So my birthday gift is to give to others to celebrate my life.
In a way that will mean far more than opening presents just for me. 
You can visit my celbration via this link.
They say people come into youu life for a lifetime, reason or season. My friends are with me for the full journey and that is such a comforting thought.
To everyone who has entered my life, thank you so much for being in it. Whether you are a close friend, reader of my blog, an artist who as attended my workshops, someone who has sent me email messages, someone who simply adores watercolour. Whoever you are thank you so much for being here and for sharing this day too. 
I wish you as much happinness in your life as I am so blessed to  hold in mine.



Susan Roux said...

What a beautiful post. So uplifting and a wonderful reminder to appreciate the many blessings we already have. I too am blessed with an awesome family and circle of support friends. I can't imagine life without it or them. Happy Birthday. I wish you continued health and appreciation for the world around you.

TheChinaPainter said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Jean.