Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lyndhurst Gallery : Coming Soon!

JEAN HAINES SWA Originals Coming Soon

JEAN HAINES SWA Originals Coming Soon With a passion for creating contemporary paintings in watercolour, Jean Haines SWA has established an international reputation. Having lived and travelled in many countries, Jean has developed her skills whilst working under the influence of masters from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. As a result her enjoyable and accessible style speaks of a mixture of East and West. Jean combines Chinese approaches to brush control with the vibrant colours found in India and Pakistan to bring to life a medium more commonly associated with quieter works in Europe.
Jean works directly without preliminary sketches and allows a free flow of water, leading to startling results that can leave viewers awestruck. With an abundance of light and beautiful colour, Jean's paintings have the ability to take an ordinary subject and transform it into something extraordinary. She achieves the kind of consistently unique results to which many artists can only aspire. Jean's highly sought after paintings can be found in homes and private collections all over the world.
Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists. She won the Anthony J Lester Award in 2009 during the SWA Annual Exhibition where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys.

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