Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Heavenly Scent : Narcissi Spring 2013

Narcissi painted in my Spanish Villa garden this morning.

The sunlight in Spain is  wonderful. It was impossible for me to ignore the temptation to paint in the garden this morning. I listened to the distant bells on the sheep grazing in the fields as I painted sweet perfumed narcissi. Their delicate flower heads have always been a favourite of mine as subjects  and the calm I felt whilst working on these was wonderful

Art can be therapeutic and relaxing once you get into that wonderful zone of your own world and no one else exists in it.

Heaven on earth!


PG Grace said...

I love your free style of painting. I just bought your book and DVD's. I think this is the way I have always wanted to paint but never had a teacher who could help me. Thank you so much.


PG Grace said...

Thank you so much for sharing your style of watercolor. I have always wanted to paint this way but never had a teacher who could understand. I am so glad I found you, the books and DVD's.

Thank you,


Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Patti, thank you so much for your reply. I am thrilled you like my work and I hope you thoroughly enjoy painting this way. It is very therapeutic and I love working each day on new subjects with new vibrant colours, have fun and its a pleasure to meet you