Monday, 4 February 2013

Spain 2013

Apple Blossom in Spanish Orchards 2013

I have travelled to Spain, driving through wonderful scenery passing the snowcapped Pyrenees,wonderful Orange groves full of fruit growing in my favourite colours of vibrant golds and seen field after field of beautiful cherry blossom.  As I approached our villa in its' rural setting I was charmed by sheep with their lambs nestled in the neighbouring field. Around their necks they wear huge golden coloured bells which tinkle making sweet music as they move around with their young. The light is very different to what I have become accustomed to in England where the grey of Winter has settled and taken over until Spring arrives. It feels like cheating living somewhere warmer right now.

I have already set up my new studio arrangement here and as always started each day by taking Bailey, my Bearded Collie, for a long walk. This morning I returned with a small twig of apple blossom as my "daily treasure" to capture in watercolour. Its' delicate petals against a clear blue sky enchanted me each day as I drove past to fetch bread from the local village. I knew I would have to paint it eventually. The strange thing is these flowers remind me of my time studying Asian brushwork in China with my Shangainese tutor and mentor. There I loaded my brush with two colours and practised painting two tone delicate petals over and over again until my teacher was satisfied that they could feel my flowers moving on the antique silk I worked on. I am currently reading books on the last Empress of China so my imagination is running riot imagining how the blossoms within the forbidden city of Peking would look and how the concubines would find pleasure admiring their beauty. Beauty which would often be turned into gorgeous delicate embroideries on the finest of silk robes.

Sometimes a simple painting and the journey while working in it can transport you to far off places which in itself is part of the magic in being an artist. Not just enjoying the result you are setting out to achieve but the memories during the journey, or thoughts provoked whilst creating or looking at the finished pieces.

I am writing my new book at the moment and the solitude and peace here is helping awaken my senses to a level which is highly creative. My blog may fall quiet from time to time or leap into action as I have new paintings or subjects to share from Spain.


Thank you for all the primrose paintings that have been forwarded to me by email. I cannot wait to share them online with my blog followers,please keep sending them as I am back online now. I lost internet access whilst I was travelling last week to get here to my new painting haven.


Brotesdeternura said...

Your stories are wonderful, as good as your paintings. They also transport us and allow us to admire not only from your art but as lovely person. I followed your journey from Twitter and no doubt was inspiring. Have you seen any show with "Bailaoras" how well you portray? Greetings. Grace

aikirangel said...

hello Ms. Haines, just wanting to say how much I am enjoying both your books and DVDs. I feel like I've just discovered watercolors anew through magical eyes. You are an inspiration, and I'd call myself a fanboy of yours, but I don't think that would apply to a 55 year old.
Great news you working on a new book. Hope it includes some figure work???
best regards,