Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Primroses by Chris Odell

"Promise Of Spring"
by Chris Odell 

This morning I have had time to look through the wonderful watercolours of primroses sent to me following my primrose step by step on my blog. What is absolutely wonderful is that each painting is completely unique and shining in the artists own personality. I would love to share them all but sadly as I am working on exhibitions at the moment I haven't the time.

Many paintings stood out. I loved Michaels from Australia, these were  painted with a beautiful blue background that somehow made the yellow of the flowers sing even more. Then there was a gentle flow of colour from Judith Farnworth from UK, she has such a soft touch with watercolour and my heads up is that she is an artist to watch for the future.

But for today I am going to share a painting from artist, Chris Odell. I actually met Chris on my workshops so I am familair with her style and approach. Why has this painting caught my eye? That is a question I often ask myself when attending exhibitions because sometimes a painting will pull you back time and time again which is the sign of a successful result. If I  had to describe this primrose composition, my favourite part is the obvious but at the same time subtle flow throughout the piece creating a connection through the colour, flowers and sections of the composition. I love the textural effects for the leaves. I adore the softness of the colour used and there is excellent hard and soft edge contrasts throughout. There is also a slightly abstract effect but with strong realism preventing this being classed as such. It has so many elements that I love and makes me want to see more from the artist. And that is the key. Leaving the viewer to want to see more of your work.

Thank you so much Chris for agreeing to allow me to share your painting on my blog.

There is something important in the art world that I believe many artists often miss. Especially professional artists at the top of their career. And that is the need to look around you and admire what other artists are creating. You cannot have an ego when you realise you are a tiny cog in a huge wheel, and everyone else is not only as good as, but often are far better at painting than you. This puts me nicely in my place as to where I am in my own career. Loving every day knowing I still have so much to learn but what I have learnt I will give away to others so that they too can enjoy it.

Thank you for  all the primrose paintings sent to me.  I hope to share more so if you havent emailed yours yet please do. let sget primrose paintings from all over the world  here!



Brotesdeternura said...

Fantastic. Your style influences us. It's so beautiful what you do that sets trends and is reflected in our paintings. Congratulations to Chris Odell. Grace

Judith Farnworth Art said...

Thank you for the lovely mention here Jean.... I for one know you truly do practice what you preach about encouraging other artists and am extremely grateful for your support!!nshin