Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snowdrop in Watercolour: Reflections

Detail added to my earlier blog post of a snowdrop

I thought it might be helpful to share how I feel when painting exercises which often lead to further large paintings.

Earlier today I shared a small study on a scrap of paper with a little colour  on it, painted around the negative shape of a snowdrop. If you study the image below, no detail has been added to the flower and you may notice that the  pigment around the shape is still wet.

Snowdrop in its first stgae, a negative painting with no detail on the flower.

When I returned to this piece a beautiful watermark had formed in the lower corner of the painted section. All I had to do next was add the  touches of green to the top "cap" above the petals and the lines to the lower "inner skirt" of the centrre.

Detail added and the pigment is dry in this image.

Now, in this study, I feel the cold of Winter. I can feel the greyness of an English January and also I am reminded of days full of rain.  To work on a new piece I can ask myself is this the effect that I want? It is quite pleasing in some ways. I can imagine this in a white or silver frame so my mind is already jumping ahead to the real composition to follow.

But I could move to more exciting colour combinations.

Most importantly though, I am painting. Not sat wondering what to do today,wasting valuable creation time. Often I think it is easy to spend far too long worrying about what will happen or what to do rather than actually just moving our brushes and getting on with the most wonderful feeling of all. Which is hodling your brush and allowing colour to flow across paper!


I am having a wonderful time writing  my new book which will be filled with inspirational tips. If you haven't already purchased "Atmospheric Watercolours" , my latest book, please consider working through it now so that you are ready for the next wonderful challenges and fun exercises to come in the future. There are many!

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aikirangel said...

These tips are wonderful, I'm one of the sitting around thinking too much ilk. Your books and DVD's are a good kick in the pants to get me motivated and moving the brush.
thanks so much for sharing.

aikirangel said...

Thanks so much for the tips. I am enjoying and gathering much inspiration and motivation from your books and DVDs. Funny how liberating it is "painting for the bin" no more that tightness in my shoulders after a painting session. I'm actually smiling now when I pick up my brushes.
Love your work and enthusiasm.
Quick question, will you have tips on figure and portrait painting in your new book? Regardless, I'm in line to get it as soon as it comes out.
thanks again