Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Snowdrops 2013

Work in Progress

Snowdrops from my garden are strongly on my mind as I start to paint each day.The small exercise I recently shared on my blog has instilled my passion for bringing these delicate little flowers to life. I am still drawn to the mixtures of violet and blues as my background with hints of green appearing now and then. My favourite small bud shapes which I usually depict in my snowdrop paintings have opened into the pretty shapes of the flowers in full bloom.

 Small snowdrop study from an earlier blog post this week

My studies each day grow in size from small pieces of paper to large as my imagination takes over. I now have so many wonderful options to choose from for new compositions and I am ready to start a new series of working with this beautiful sign of Spring.


Artist Tips for the week.

1) Get to really know and understand your subject before attempting to paint it.
2) Take your time experimenting on scraps of paper before setting out to paint a finished masterpiece.
3) Decide what you love and what you hate from your results when practising painting a subject
4) Plan ahead to quality quiet time after the exercises to work on your real painting
5) Most importantly enjoy every part of the creative process.
6) Never put pressure on yourself to get brilliant results each time you paint, you learn far more from disasters than successes!

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