Saturday, 30 March 2013

Airedale Terrier : Dog Magazine Feature USA

Airedale Terrier coming to life in a watercolour on my easel

I am writing a feature for a Dog magazine in USA and working on a new series of dog paintings.

I couldn't resist sharing this stage of an Airedale Terrier in watercolour. This wonderful dog has a character that is larger than life. Amazingly as I worked on this painting a fabulous real airedale walked past my studio. It was so young and almost bouncing on its paws, excitedly pulling its' owner for a walk on the lead. The enthusiasm and energy in that dog has leapt into my brushstrokes as they are now going all over the place and in every single direction!

This piece is made up of  several layers because the breeds coat has superb texture. The head shape is quite square compared to the breeds I usually capture . And that gaze is to die for. Whatever this beautiful dog is looking at they aim to get!

Have a wonderful time painting a subject that you love and enjoy a variety of textures too in your work. Don't forget to always look for a section of light to play around too.


Bombadil said...

Hi, This is a beautiful painting of my favorite breed. Can you give out the name of the magazine?

I "scooped" your blog post of my Airedale site,

Candy said...

Jean, your airedale is coming along beautifully!