Thursday, 21 March 2013

Finding the Positive from a Negative

Hydrangeas, only just visible in this watercolour first stage.

Yesterday afternoon I loved working in vibrant yellow to bring sunshine into my studio on a dull, grey, cold UK day. The weather outside really is off putting. Even taking my gorgeous dog Bailey for a walk isn't appealing this week.

But it is amazing how much we can litf our moods simply by painting in bright cheerful colours. The strong yellow from yesterdays Rudbeckia flowers was still tempting my brushes this morning so I started a new collection of Hydrangea. Before long with a medley of purple, dark green  and a huge splash of Cerulean Blue the cluster of the hydrangea flower heads started coming to life. This piece is glowing off screen and there isn't even a hint of my favourite orange shade.

I have favourite sections in this composition already.

Sections glowing softly with beautiful vibrant shades

The soft pastel shade  in the painting are  pronounced even moreby the dramatically dark corner in the foreground.

Dark negative edge giving a striking effect next to the pale flowers

Whatever you are painting and whatever the weather, bring some sunshine into your work by splashes of glorious yellow. Theses shades make you feel fantastic as you work and give warm, glowing results that are a joy to behold.

The negative is the weather this week. The positive is my "sunshine" way of working around it!

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Your art inspires me to grow & play as an artist. THANKS