Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring, Glorious Spring

Daffodils coming to life in watercolour.

I have some wonderful Spring subjects on my easel at the moment. As the sky looked dull and grey this morning I decided that, no matter what, I would work in yellow today to create my own sunshine. The day passed. Stunning elephants and beautiful hare have started to appear in a variety of paintings. But my heart was still screaming at me to work in yellow by this evening. So I took the wash that I had already started of daffodils last week and gently added a few more touches. Now a fabulous effect of the flowers coming to life, and jumping off the paper at me, is occuring. I always feel excited when this happens. And I know this will be a new favourite painting of mine.

I meet so many artists who are always in a rush to finish a complete painting in one go.When often the half finished painting will tell you what it needs, if you take time to enjoy its different creative stages. Each day that passes looking to see what you can add next.

Artists Tip: Don't race your work.Enjoy each brushstroke and listen to what your painting is telling you.Does it need more darks? More Detail? And where?

I never race towards my destination. I love enjoying the journey far too much.
I hope you enjoy yours too!


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hi jean can see why you are excited with this one ...with the bold initial wash must be a mass of yellow along the river bank ..all the best with your up coming exhibition ...ciao j