Saturday, 2 March 2013

Who Nose?

Terrier coming to life in Watercolour

I have been asked to write another feature for a Dog Magazine in USA. As it happens I have several paintings of dogs that are temptingme to move my brushes at the moment. This one, in the image above, is quite special in that I started a demonstration during one of my workshops and showed the owner of this little dog how to paint not only a nose but also how to choose unsual colour combinations to bring their fabulous subject to life.

Firstly I immediately fell in love with my subject which is a great start. I will be honest, if something doesn't appeal to me I simply won't paint it. My time with a brush in my hand is so  special that I never force myself to paint anything that doesn't have an emotional connection attached to it. And life is too short to waste a second painting things that you don't really like!

This dogs cute little face was so expressive and their personality looked full of life which is understandable for a terrier breed as they are so bouncy and energetic. And this fact led to choosing  colours that were full of light and energy too.

A plain black nose can be so boring, hence so much colour around my capture in the first stage above. I am going to love completing this piece and that too is an important factor.

Loving painting is far more important to me than any other goal. The sense of pleasure when everything goes right,that sense of wonder when a subject first comes to life in front of your eyes is magical. This is why I write,paint and share my love for this medium, nothing else. And I can't wait.,as always to get painting!


Artist Tip: If you don't love the subject you are working on don't waste time on it. Find something that turns you on and makes painting sheer pleasure instead!

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