Monday, 25 August 2014

Colour Fusions : Solo Exhibition 2014

"Colour Fusions"
Atmospheric Horse Racing Scene on my easel
( Copyright Jean Haines )

I have a fabulous solo exhibition coming up in Godalming, Surrey at the Wey Gallery in September. I always love showing at this fabulous gallery as my work is displayed so beautifully there.

In the collection will be my new horse racing scenes and many more favourite subjects. The above painting, a work in progress, has been a sheer delight to work on. I can feel each horse coming to life as it races towards me. I feel as though I am standing directly in front of the winning line and the determination to win by each jockey means I am  in the way, needing to move as fast as I can.

I actually have to take breaks every now and then because I get a true sense of movement as each painting begins to come alive from new brushstrokes!

I do love painting these pieces for my shows. I started showing at the Wey Gallery some years ago now and each exhibition has been a wonderful success. And I always, without fail, look forward to returning each year.

 With the sold invitation painting of my show in 2012

 (Sold ) Horse Racing Collection 2012

Window display at the Wey Gallery 
Godalming, Surrey

Full details of my new exhibition will be shared on my web site shortly. For anyone wishing to attend the  Preview event could you please contact me on for an invitation.

Its' going to be a wonderful show!


Copyright Questions.

I have recieved several requests from artists asking if they can copy my gallery paintings and also asking what copyright  means.  Many teaching artists write books and  create DVDs to teach their painting techniques. I am one, and I adore sharing my passion for  working in watercolour. Every step by step and demonstration is meant to inspire others to enjoy painting as much as I do. However there is a difference in copying work to learn from, and copying another artists work with the intention of selling it as your own. So when I share my gallery paintings online I do put the words  "Copyright Jean Haines" with them. So that there can be no misunderstanding that I have shared the collection paintings for any other purpose than to show what I am exhibiting. 
I do hope this answers the questions I have been asked.  
Thank you so much for contacting me.


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