Sunday, 31 August 2014

Art Interruptions

You know those moments when you are thoroughly engrossed in your art and then you are annoying interrupted? It happens to us all. You find that "magical zone" where only you and your painting exists and then the phone rings or there is a knock at the door.

This afternoon the sun was shining and, as I know Summer is on its way out, I decided to make the most of  the light and paint outside. I much prefer painting from life as I find my results are so much more alive when I do.

So I set up my table by a flower bed and worked on a beautiful series of hydrangea paintings. I have three pieces on the go so, that at stages on each, I can let one dry  before adding further layers of colour or more detail. I was so engrossed working that after a while the world, as always, disappeared and it was just me an my watercolours. Or so I thought. I will admit as my husband was working in the garden nearby I wasn't too alarmed when I felt a tap on my arm. I had expected him to stop for a cup of tea at some point. But when I looked up I came face to face with " Sidney" , the tame swan who visits us daily. Sid had decided it was time for me to feed him and  had wandered up the garden path to let me know he wanted food. 

He is getting far too cheeky!

 Sidney the swan interrupting my painting session, in my garden this afternoon.

 Looking bashful but he isn't really!

Sidney is like a puppy who follows me everywhere so I led him back to the waters edge and fed him. And then back to painting!

Sidney walking back to the water, following me happily knowing he will be fed.

It is lucky I love wildlife, because here really is where we all  live in harmony and enjoy each others company. As life should be!

Happy painting to you, and I hope all your painting interruptions are as pleasant!


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okielois said...

How fun. I really laughed over this.