Monday, 25 August 2014

Blackberry Inspiration

Blackberry paintings on My Easel

I noticed blackberries are ripe for picking while I was walking Bailey, my Bearded Collie,  this week. Many are so juicy and very tempting to eat. But for me they make fantastic subjects to paint and I fall in love with them at this time of year without fail , all over again.

In my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" I  have paintings of  blackberries on pages 166 - 169, where I describe  squeezing the juice of a berry on to a white plate to give you an idea of their true colour. I also paint with this staining  liquid at times too, It adds another dimension to my results. And its' fun. Admittedly messy, but whats' the point of being an artist if you stay clean all the time!.

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
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This is a great time for looking at early autumnal berries and fruits so don't forget to bring some "treasure" home to paint if you are out on country walks. 

Inspiration surrounds us everywhere!

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