Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pink Hydrangea in Watercolour

 One of the hydrangea paintings from my session in the garden this afternoon.

There is absolutely nothing like painting from life. Especially when the sun is shining and it isn't too hot. Today was a perfect painting day and I made the most of it by racing outside and choosing my favourite flowers to create in watercolour.  I have a table "set up" for days like these. The table and chair are so light they are easy to move around and I can sit in comfort to work.

I have painted many blue or white hydrangea in the past but not really spent much time working on pink varieties. I had three pieces of  paper and set to work. First I  placed glowing washes over the papers to  hint at the colours I could see. At this stage although I was aiming for a painting that resembled these flowers, I let colour flow and merge without seriously thinking about where the detail would be added later.

While each first wash dried I then worked on the next stages of each individual piece. Apart from ducks splashing in the water behind me the afternoon was so peacefully quiet and time flew by. Apart from being interrupted by the tame swan who visits our garden daily I had a fantastically productive time.

 Hydrangea painting amongst the real hydrangea plants in my garden.

Artist Tip : I try so hard to encourage artists on my workshops not to paint from photographs alone as you miss so many gorgeous colour combinations from life and natural light effects when you do. Also, another tip, please don't paint from other peoples photographs if you can help it. This leads to creating "pretty pictures" rather than telling the story of what you, as the creative artist have seen. Which in turn makes your work more personal to you and of course, unique.

While I worked on these hydrangea I could see stunning yellow rudbeckia in the distance. maybe, just maybe I will find time to paint them tomorrow!

 Two of the paintings, as works in progress from my painting session in the garden this afternoon

When I finally packed up my art materials and brought everything back into my studio I felt on the greatest of highs as the time  working in watercolour was, as always so very relaxing.

The  image below is a close up of one of the detailedd sections. Almost complete in this area and full of  lovely colourful fusions. I am and always will be a watercolour addict. 
And I am so happy that I am!

Close up section of the detail on one of my hydrangea paintings


Artists Tip:  In England at the moment some of our Summer flowers are at their very best for painting. Don't miss the opportunity to capture each one in watercolour before they disappear until next year! Get painting and quickly!


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Jennifer Taylor said...

I am in love with this! Just beautiful and full of life! I'm inspired to paint right now! xo Jen