Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Full Speed Ahead

( Copyright: Jean Haines )
Work in Progress on my Easel 
From my upcoming Show at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey

I am now getting very excited about my new solo exhibition,  " Colour Fusions" at the Wey Gallery, Godalming, Surrey. It is wonderful working with a gallery such as this one because between us we know what  my clientelle enjoy to see in my shows. I sold out of watercolour cycling scenes some time back and have not released any new horse racing scenes for a while. Now I have gorgeously exciting paintings which will be unveiled during my fourth one woman show at the Wey Gallery.

My husband recently bought us  bicycles and  the fitness bug has hit us. I am desperately finding time for my cycling and trying to fit it into my already full  routine. Bailey, my bearded collie, loves  trying to knock me off my bike so I have to keep him away from me once I am on it. He stays at home which he doesn't really approve of. 

I love watching cyclists on the country lanes here. The way they move fascinates me so of course they are going to be another subject I am passionate about painting.  In fact I couldn't wait to walk into my studio this morning to get to work as I have new paintings on the go of just that, cycling scenes.  Actually I can't call what I do "work" because I love it so much.

If you would like to see my new paintings, please keep en eye out on my blog for full details of the show.  I will be at the gallery  for the opening on Saturday 27th September, 2014 to give a short talk about my work. Everyone is welcome.

On another note, and this probably will make my blog readers laugh. I am thrilled my husband is keeping so fit and has a new hobby, but I am hoping he never takes up wearing colourful lycra. I'm not sure if my artistic eye could take that sight.  As gorgeous as he is.


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