Monday, 18 August 2014

Final Photography Session for my New Book : 2014

The "A Team"
Photography Shoot for my new book 2014
Roddy, Me, Jo and Katie.

Last week flew by, almost like a blur. I left home last Tuesday evening to head for a hotel the night before the final photography shoot of my new book, which will be launched next year.  As the photography studio had moved to temporary premises I set out the next day armed with the post code and address, leaving early to make sure I arrived in good time.

To cut a very long story short, my wonderful Sat Nav gave me that dreaded message " You have reached your destination" while I was sat in the middle of nowhere facing a field of cows.  As beautiful as they were I needed to contact my publishers and let them know I would a) be late for the photography shoot b) let them know I was lost and c) also ask for new directions. Great idea but there was no mobile phone  connection!

Luckily I wasn't that far away, found the studio and  arrived to a worried looking team who had wondered where I was. I am one of  those people who usually turn up early for events so this was quite unusual!  The all important coffee turned up quickly as a rescue, I had a really exciting meeting with my publisher first then we all down to work following the planned agenda of filming fo rthe day which I had prepared earlier.

Once we started filming, it was a fabulous day. I needed to ensure the images for the final sections in my new book showed not only clearly show how  I work but also are easy to follow step by step demonstrations.  It was fabulous listening to the " Oohs and aahs" of the team behind me when certain subjects came to life via my brushstrokes. And even more thrilling watching the gorgeous photography stills on the screen after each new subject was painted.

There were lovely landscapes photographed in this session  that should be very tempting for readers to try. And if, like me, you love travelling you should be seeing inspiration at every new holiday location from here in. Once you see these demonstrations and read these chapters.

The day flew by and I eventually packed my car for the journey home. After which the dreaded author photo had to be taken. The one that goes inside the cover of my book. I always laughingly dread this part! Then we took a team photo by which point we were all happily laughing.

I am so lucky to have these experiences. And so lucky to have such a great team of people backing me.

Now all I have to do is wait for the contact sheets to arrive so I can write about the new "step by step" images for the last section of my book. Then I need to write the close. After which  all these completed paintings and text go to my publishers where my final lay out is checked by the design team . I then get to have my say on the final proof of my new book which will be a very exciting time. After all of this the book goes to print, a stage in a books journey which can take up to six months. Hence the long wait for new books to be launched.  I can't wait to see the advanced copy!

There is so much to understand about being an author. You need patience, something to write about obviously, enthusiasm and time also play a huge part in writing. The process of  writing a book was a huge learning curve and as this  will be my third publication I have grown as an author. But as always I want to include so much information and many more tips that I have discovered since writing "Atmospheric Watercolours" .

Roll on the next stage of this books life and I will be sharing an updtae on its progress as soon as I can.

Watch this space!


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