Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday : Day Three : Getting Into My Art

 Adding Horses to one of my horse racing paintings
( Copyright Jean Haines ) 

I had the best day ever painting yesterday. All the stress from worrying about my wonderful dog Bailey, who was very ill ,has left me. I am playing lively music with sparks almost flying off my brushes as my new gallery collection comes to life,for my next solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey.

I have to move when I paint action scenes. And I get far better results if I play music full volume which helps to drown out the imaginary noise of the horses hooves as they race towards me. I do tend to get so involved while painting these pieces that, at times, I genuinely feel I can hear the thunder of the hooves hurtling towards me at great speed. So much so I need to take breaks now and then when working on a particularly lively painting. I am alright while painting the jockeys but as soon as the horses appear  I get the incredible sensation I am about to be knocked over by them! There comes a point when I have to leave my studio just to gain a stationary feeling once more.

How is that for getting into your art?

More to follow!


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