Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday Morning : Blank Piece of White Paper Day!

Gorgeous white paper waiting to be painted on.
A new horse racing scene is about to appear!

I love Mondays. They always have that exciting feel about them, as you never know exactly what the week ahead will bring. For me the last few months have been so hectic as I have worked on my new book, held workshops, demonstrated and juggled a few interviews plus written art features.  I am also working on my USA tour 2015/16. 

But right now I am  really eagerly working on a brand new collection of watercolours for my annual exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming which opens in September 2014. My show would not be complete minus my horse racing scenes which are always included in this gallery show.

Today I took a large piece of white paper and started painting with a bright red " jockey" who will be flanked by others alongside him. Will he be the winning lead? Or will he be behind another leading horse determined to win? I am not sure yet. I'm going to let the painting evolve and take me where it wishes to go. But I know one thing. My brushstrokes will be fast as the speed in this race is exceptional!

Happy Monday!


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