Thursday, 7 May 2015

Daniel Smith : Favourite Shades

Playing with Daniel Smith Colours

I have had some fantastic feedback to yesterdays' rose blog post. It seems very popular so as a thank you to everyone who liked it and got in touch here are a few more tips.

I play with colour on scraps of paper before I paint. This not only helps prevent me from messing up a painting by using the wrong colour. It teaches me about how pigments interact . I often discover new favourite shades and colour combinations this way.

My favourite colour for painting pink roses is Daniel Smith Opera Pink. And you can see an example of my pink rose paintings in the above image. If like me you get tired of working with the same shades, looking for something new and exciting is always on the horizon. For me it is a part of my daily routine.

Following my trip to USA and my workshops at Daniel Smith I am absolutely hooked on their range of gorgeous watercolours but I know I have many to still discover. I give myself time for playing with each new shade I come across. So that I know exactly what I can use it for and how it will interact with other favourite colours already existing on my palette.

This weeks experiments have seen me fall in love with Daniel Smith Quinachridone Rose. It is stunning! If you study the image above I will explain why. I have applied dots of  Daniel Smith Quinachridone Rose and Daniel Smith Perylene Red on a scrap of paper. As I am in the mood for painting roses I have then placed a watery application of Cadmium Yellow along side each and with touches of water allowed the pigments to flow into each other. The Perylene Red as I expected is far too strong for capturing soft summer flowers with delicate petals. But the diluted sections of the rose and yellow shades have merged into an absolutely fabulous effect. So these are perfect for a summer watercolour collection.

I use these experiments and discoveries for all my subjects. I now know if I want unique shadows or warmth in a building or a landscape scene this combination could be a great option.

We often go straight into painting a serious piece  with little thought to how we could change our results by using new colour choices. As artists, consistently depending on what  know instead of searching for something far more exciting even if it is out of our comfort zone can sometimes be a difficult decision. But for me, it is what makes art magical. 
The thought of something new to discover.

Artists Tip of the Day : Don't get stuck in a rut. Try new colours frequently


I thought it was quite comical when someone asked me if I worked for Daniel Smith. No, I don't but I would be a nightmare if I did.  As I would constantly be playing with the colours in the store rather than helping anyone. But I have to explain. If I love something I really do have to share it with the world. And I love Daniel Smith watercolours.  Its' that simple!  And what do I gain by sharing my tips and favourites on my blog? Hopefully happy artists around the world who love painting as much as I do and like me are always looking for something  new to try!

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Christy Lemp said...

Thank you Jean for your generous sharing! I feel lucky to know a fabulous artist that is so willing to share her color loves and tips. My paintings are getting better all the time thanks to your knowledge and influence. Carry on and be well!