Sunday, 3 May 2015

USA Spring Tour 2015: Monterey and Seattle

I have been on tour for just over a month in USA, hence the silent period on my blog as I had no time to share updates whilst I was travelling. Now I am finally home I have so much news to share that it will take me ages to catch up here!

As a brief outline for now I'd like to quickly cover my tour destinations so that I can share each individually later this week in more detail.

Firstly we arrived in San Francisco and it is the very first time I have been to this fabulous place.  From here we drove to Napa Valley to meet the little girl who had chosen me as her favourite artist for a school project and I took time out to give a little art lesson for her and her friends.  This was fantastic and I will be sharing why on a separate blog post soon.

From here we travelled to Yesemite which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life.

Next stop was Monterey as I had been invited as a celebrity guest artist at the 2015 Annual Plein Air Convention. Again I will be sharing an update about this in another blog post.

Following Monterey we headed to Seattle where I was to give workshops and hold an in store demonstration for Daniel Smith. This too was a very exciting and fabulous event. I cant wait to share all the excitement from being here on my blog,on my workshops and at Patchings this year!

We arrived home this weekend and I need to get back into my studio and catch up on some much needed email replies, administration, writing and my painting schedule for exhibitions that are looming.

It has been a wonderful tour. I have met many incredible people from all walks of life. I have met artists at every imaginable stage of their art journeys. I have been humbled at times. I have learnt so much that I wish to share that I know will be as inspirational to my friends and followers as the new information is to me. And I am now receiving so many invitations to hold workshops in USA in the future that I promise I will take each on board and see what I can  manage.

A hint to anyone reading this who was with me last week in Seattle? 2016 looks very interesting and if you are from Oregon please get in touch because, yes. My husband and I both adored the book you signed and gave us  and we are hooked. We will be there !

I am now reading cards that have been given to me along my travels and emails from people who watched my demonstrations or attended my workshops. I can't begin to tell you how touched I am that my art and teaching methods have been so enjoyed. And luckily my sense of humour too by the sounds of it.

 I have had the best of times this past month and my next USA tour is this Autumn when I will be in New York, St Louis, West Virginia and Sonoma. This next tour has been fully booked for some time but my 2016 USA dates will be released shortly and it looks as though I may be on tour twice there next year to fit everything in. And allow more artists a chance to attend my workshops then.

For now, I will be catching up in my studio but I am back on line at last!



a woman who is said...

So happy for the hint Re Daniel Smith!!!! Hopefully it coincides with Restaurant week again....I will be there what ever the date maybe. I am still on cloud nine from all your tips, techniques and most of all the amazing inspiration that you deposited into my art heart <3 You have no idea! You are an amazing teacher on top of all that talent. Thanks you so much...happily playing with color. Cindy R.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Wow, what a lovely reply and how fantastic it was to meet you in person! I now know who I am typing to! We are already planning my return to Seattle so hopefully we will paint together then and I already have lots more tips to share so I guess my blog is going to get very busy for a while too! Have a great week ahead and happy painting! Jean