Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wistful Wisteria : Wisteria in Watercolour

 Wistful Wisteria

I cannot walk into my cottage without stopping to admire the wisteria which adorns the walls around the front door. I am hooked on painting it.  I have several pieces on the go but the one I am sharing today is my favourite. The above image shows one of the  hanging blooms.

Wistful Wisteria 
Take 2.

On a large blank piece of paper I happily started painting one wisteria, but gradually more blooms  were added as seen in the image above.  And it didn't stop there. Because soon a large painting existed with blooms falling in shade and sunlight. See the image below.

Large composition. 
A work in progress but nearly complete.

The glow in this work, not really easily seen on screen,  is because of the new Daniel Smith shades I am now working with. And I am not afraid of colour. Cadmium Yellow works fantastically in the shadows as well as in the more well lit sections. It adds warmth and a glow to sections that are hidden and lights up those that are not.

I will work on this further and share it when it is finished. Incredibly someone has offered to buy this painting and it is not even complete yet. And it was painted for my own cottage! But f  rnow it stays in my studio to be enjoyed and for more brush work to be added. At leisure, with love and my passion for the medium flowing through it!


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Jennifer Branch said...

Oh lovely work! The subtle detail is perfect and the colors just glow! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisteria!