Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wisteria Magic

Wisteria on My Easel
Work in progress

I am in love with my garden at the moment so painting in it is wonderful. My UK workshops start next week. The week after that I will be at Patchings Art Festival.

But tomorrow I have a meeting with my publisher, at my cottage, to discuss two books. The revamp of my first book which is  almost complete apart from proof reading the new compilation once it has been put together in a book form. And a whole new exciting project that will keep me very busy for some time. One I am really looking forward to getting my "painting teeth" into!

I am thrilled with all the very kind emails  fromartists who have bought my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour" and want to thank everyone for being so kind in writing to me. Never take it for granted that an author doesn't have emotions about each publication. They do! And I have been looking forward to this new books release for some time now so its' thrilling to finally hear it is being enjoyed. Which is , after all, the whole purpose of writing.

Now I am painting in my studio but pushing myself to find new ways to capture similar subjects. Today I have been working with new colours which I cannot share just yet but I will be able to soon. But to give you a glimpse at them you can see my latest Wisteria painting , above. I love this at this stage. It is soft and dramatic.And I think my favourite so far. I will leave it overnight and see how it looks in the morning. At that time I will have fresh eyes and know whether to add detail or enjoy it as it is.

That is the beauty of not racing work. Having time to savour each brush stroke is far better than having to complete a painting in one go every time we pick up our brushes. And I learn from each new painting which is thrilling.

Roll on tomorrow!


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