Sunday, 24 May 2015

Summer Blues

Large Abstract of Flowers on my Easel
Colours Used: Indigo, French Ultramarine, Violet and Turquoise

I often set myself a challenge just for the sake of it. If I don't, I end up painting what I know, what I love and what I feel like. And this could lead me unwittingly into painting the same things in the same way continually. And so I experiment continually to keep my work fresh and my enthusiasm alive.

To make myself jump out of my comfort zone I will often cover a large piece of paper with random colour. Leave it overnight and then see what I can visualise in the result the next day. I never think of a subject ahead of my experiment. I just play with colour. Recently my passion of more abstract work is effecting my results. This morning I adored the wash created previously by using Indigo, French Ultramarine, Violet and Turquoise. These colours are a dream when applied together and allowed to merge naturally. I applied salt in sections of the wash and left it to dry overnight.

My next challenge was to limit the use of colour on top of this wash. So in this painting I have worked with indigo to create negative patterns which have formed soft flowers. Just a little more definition and this could be a fascinatingly unique painting. And very different to my previous paintings which is the whole point of my experiments.

This was so relaxing to work on and I can add more detail to complete this painting. But the joy really was the process. The journey towards a result. Not the destination. And I feel I have improved my imaginative skills by working this way.

Artist Tip : Whatever you are working on this week please find time to stretch your skills, your imagination and leap out of your comfort zone. You may find, like me, that you prefer being there instead!


I have had some amazing emails about my new book and I promise I will try to reply as soon as I can. I am teaching workshops in UK this week. The week after that I will be demonstrating at Patchings.
But I am reading every single email and I am over the moon that my book is being enjoyed already. It took so long to write as I was determined to have different subjects in it and new ideas so it would be completely different to " Atmospheric Watercolours". In a way it is meant to read like being on workshops with me. Fun, enjoyable but totally inspirational to encourage readers to be unique and create art that is beautifully personal to them.

Thank you SO much for each wonderful message! 
I am so lucky to know people like you.


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Graciela De Luca said...

Amo el azul y amo profundamente tu trabajo. Soy tu fan incondicional, pero eso es solo producto de tu talento, tu generosidad y tu ejemplo de vida. No puedo dejar de revisar tus publicaciones diariamente, porque siempre nos sorprendes con algo nuevo y sin una inyección de positivismo... Realmente no me canso de repetirte Gracias por tanto! Desde Argentina tan lejos y tan cerca...

Gracias! Graciela