Sunday, 10 May 2015

Exciting News : New Book Release!

Jean Haines World of Watercolour
Now in stock!

I am thrilled to share the news that my new book is now in stock with And the first copy has already been received. Wow! I heard the news on Facebook this morning so everyone who pre- ordered a copy should be receiving their  copies very soon.

I'm going to confess the other side to my writing books. I love writing them and work so hard to include as many tips and interesting step by steps as possible, with easy to follow dialogue. I always feel exhilarated when I have completed each book but then I go through a very weird stage of not wanting to let it go. I have been at that stage for a few months waiting for this new publication to be printed.

And now its' out there in the world and I have to let it go. And keep my fingers crossed that it is enjoyed. 

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has not only bought a copy. But to everyone who has supported me so wonderfully over the years. I have amazing friends who I am so very lucky to know. I have artist friendss who have been on my workshops since I first started teaching, many of whom are successful in their own careers now. Which is what sharing art is all about. Helping others grow and learning as much as we can on our own journies. I still feel very much like the new artist who simply paints because I enjoy painting. In my wildest dreams I never imagined years ago that I would have one book published on watercolour. Yet alone three. And I suppose I should be relaxed about it all by now but I find this totally overwhelming.

When I travel to hold workshops abroad I find it incredible that artists are  looking forward to meeting me. I find it humbling and terrifying at the same time that my way of teaching and painting seems to be so popular. But I don't take this  for granted at all. I am just very grateful for every single person who is with me on my journey. In my mind I am only just starting but having a fantastic time.

So again. A huge thank you for reading this,for  following my blog and for being with me each step of the way because without you I wouldn't be here sharing my love for watercolour.

Thank you!

My book can be purchased from via this link.

Everyone attending Patchings Art Festival this year can also purchase copies there to be signed and I will be celebrating at the Manor Hotel over a cream tea,demonstration and talk with a smaller more personal group. For which tickets can be purchased here.



Leona said...

Lordy Ill be hunting down my postie EVERY day now awaiting my copy. I know I won't be disappointed you are the master of Watercolour and your books are a fantastic "go to" for all things WATERCOLOUR when I can't have you Ill settle for a paper copy of you lol - congrats enjoy the rewards of your generosity and kindness and expertise - thanks for sharing with the world to make it a happier place :)

Lovejoy Bears said...

I received my copy today, I was so excited I nearly hugged the postman, hehe :) It's so wonderful Jean, beyond words amazing!! You are such a wonderful and generous artist and I feel so inspired and uplifted when I look at your beautiful work. Thank you for being so special. ♥ Vicky ♥

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Oh Leona you are so funny! I hope my book arrives with you soon. It was so fabulous meeting you in person on my workshop in Australia. And not just because of the rum balls!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Oh Vicky! Thank you so much for your fabulously kind reply. It is so nerve wracking waiting to hear from someone who has read your new book. You have put my mind at rest ! I will still worry about it being okay but your reply means the world to me. I needed to hear that at the moment. I put my life and soul into this new book and I am truly hoping it is enjoyed as much as I loved writing it. Thank you! Jean