Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Writing a Feature

Painting The Blues!

I have spent  today completing a feature for an art magazine. While I worked with a selection of blue shades I realised how much fun it is to literally watch paint dry. I have learned so much from sitting still and enjoying watching the pigments fuse and merge as they dry minus the use of a hairdryer to speed things up. In fact I detest  the use of a hairdryer as it really can ruin gloriously natural  results from allowing watercolour to dry in its own time.

There is a tiny burst of  pigment  trying to escape in these strong bold placements of  colour application.Even the "bully" Cadmium Yellow is subdued into behaving for a change!

How many artists race to work on a completed masterpiece and lose vital pleasure and excitement from the joys of just playing with colour for the sake of it? 

Heaven forbid a day will come where I don't say " WOW!" at  two pigments creating fascinating reactions as they dry.

For now I must get back to writing but today has been so much fun.

And that is how painting should be for me,

Sheer joy and pleasure.



Roy The Artist said...

LOL! So... as much fun as watching paint dry has a new meaning! I must confess Jean I am impatient, I now don't use a hairdryer because of the blowing effect. BUT I now use a Chefs blowtorch! You get heat without moving the paint so much.

teresa stieben said...

Wonderful note, to just play with pigment and enjoy.

I used a hairdryer once on instruction of a teacher, when I saw how forced drying dulls the pigments I realized that for watercolor to vibrate and glow it needs to dry naturally.


hap said...

Thanks for sharing that Jean! I know I'm not the only one who enjoys just watching paint "happen", but it's nice to get a bit of affirmation once in a while from another!! I absolutely love the interplay between one color and the next! It's a surprise and a treat, every time I paint!

devotedmomof7 said...

How true! I am taking a class series from Geri Medway and yesterday's class involved just such a study! We made a pageful of samples from various sedimentary mixes. It was new to me and, I'm sure, will be a tremendously useful tool. Watching what each combination did as it dried was interesting! So, I agree, watching paint dry CAN be lots of fun!