Friday, 10 September 2010

Sunningdale Art Society: Ascot Demonstration

 Glorious Reds in a First wash 
During a demonstration for Sunningdale Art Society last night

Sunningdale Art Society 
 Last Nights Demonstration

Many professional artists  frequently receive requests to demonstrate or hold workshops for art societies worldwide. For me this is a wonderful way to meet other artists whilst sharing my own art journey and techniques. Last night I was delighted to meet the members of Sunningdale Art Society. I will confess yesterday afternoon I was so concerned I would be able to pull the evening off because my heart is still very low from losing  my wonderful companion Taffy last Friday. A week today.

The meetings for Sunningdale Art Society are held in a wonderful venue and the room was already arranged on my arrival so all I had to do was set up. I was met by the fantastic programme secretary, Steve Darnley and given a really warm welcome. Steve if you are reading this I did get home safely!

Everyone arrived and as always I faced a sea of new faces. In turn they all faced me. For those of us who have attended many evenings held by art societies over the years we never truly know what the evening is going to be like unless we know the artist who is demonstrating. Some such evenings are wonderful and some can be very "not so wonderful".  Have you ever sat watching someones back for over an hour? It isn't fun! Especially when you are unable to see what they are painting or even hear what they are saying.  Has time passed so slowly you can't wait for the evening to be over so you can make your way home? Sadly I do know that feeling and I would hate for anyone to watch me and feel the same way.

I have even been to demonstrations  where everyone viewing  actually reaches a point where they feel like nodding off so my approach to these evenings is  possibly a little different. 

I share my enthusiasm and passion for my chosen medium. I celebrate what it can do and  work with each effect thoroughly enjoying what happens with each touch of the brush. Sharing my experiences from studying under my Chinese mentor really does help to get across how I use my brush. I love watercolour and I love sharing the joy I feel when working with it. There is always so much  I want to share but time often limits what one can and cannot get across. Last night we had fun looking at several subjects and ways to capture them in a loose style. There was a brilliant mix of laughter, enthusiasm and quiet concentration throughout the evening from everyone in the room including myself.

I started with a simple warm up  followed by  a second demo of a cockerel. This led to the break when I had the chance to talk to individual members all of whom were absolutely fantastic and  I had time to sign books also.

After the break time flew by and my final demo came to a close. Only at this point did I explain to the room why I had chosen not to demonstrate painting a dog. The art society information described me ahead of my  booking as a guest artist who specialised in painting animals and mentioned I had written a series on how to paint dogs in a loose style for the SAA magazine. And yes when the evening was booked I had considered demonstrating a lovely study of a fabulous dog in a beautiful pose for the nights session. .But friends will know standing in front of a crowded room and talking about wet noses and glowing eyes full of love would have been far too painful for me at the moment. So close to having lost my dear friend,model and guardian Taffy.

Instead I chose a variety of subjects covering my techniques and I was thrilled to recieve such a positive and  excited feedback from so many fascinating members who took time to say thank you for my visit.

We are SO lucky to be able to share passion and interest in art because our paths constnatly cross with others who are loving every second of their own art journey.Together we enrich this world with our enthusiasm and  positive energy that is almost tangible when like minded souls are in one room.

Thank you  Sunningdale Art Society for such a warm welcome and enthusiastic response last night. I truly hope to meet you all again  in the future and in the meantime I definitely hope you are thinking just how you will be moving your brushes  and what subjects you will be painting and why  very soon !


2011 Watercolour Workshops information will be announced in October.


RogerD said...

Thanks for a great evening Jean: it certainly inspired me to try painting again. I had a go this morning with (limited) success but certainly enjoyed the mixing of colours on the paper and the splashing and spraying to add impact! I look forward to doing more.
Best regards

Sue said...

Thanks Jean for an entertaining and lively evening. Your demo was full of life and colour and an absolute joy to watch. Look forward to a workshop next year!