Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Book Signing and Exhibition Preview Tonight.

"Nearly There"
Original Watercolour from tonights opening collection at THE FRAME in Odiham

Yesterday was another wonderful day with a workshop full of fascinating artists of all levels.  I hope everyone in the room enjoyed the session as much as I did. I even started the day by going for a walk near to where I would be teaching  finding "treasure" from the local countryside to use as subjects to work from.  In the evening I made my way to THE FRAME gallery in Odiham  as my new collection had just arrived.  There are favourite pieces as always in gorgeous frames that I now would love to keep. A beautiful poppy full of watercolour fusions is one of my main favourites. The landscape  from my book is in gorgeous golds and I know I will never be able to repeat the effects in it. And as you walk through the door  a jockey is hurtling towards you at top speed  leading a  very exciting race.Over his shoulder you can almost see a jockey in the distance desperately making a bid to catch up but he won't make it, or will he? This is in a stunning frame that sets off the piece  so brilliantly. A sense of movement makes this painting come alive in a way that makes me want to race for my brush again. It has that special spark of magic in it.

This morning I leave for my last workshop of the week on subjects connected with Autumn.We will be looking at so many ways to capture the sessence of this time of year and I can't wait. Before I leave I need to  talk to a reporter from the local press. Immediately after todays workshop I will be heading to the preview and book signing at the gallery.

I am not sure how or when my life changed to this form of lifestyle where I am constantly  heading from workshop to demonstration to gallery. It really just crept up one me. In between I am writing and painting from my heart. I wouldn't change a thing but how amazing our lives can change so dramatically as if in a heartbeat just from doing what we love.

See you tonight at the book signing if you can come!


Dear Chris, you asked a question over lunch at the workshop yesterday? The answer is today 7.30 a.m. after a morning walk!


To everyone who has been on my workshops this week a huge thank you for being so fantastic and making each day incredible. Laughter flying around the room at times, quiet concentration studying subjects with eager enthusiasm in every brushstroke is just the most amazing "high" isn't it?  Happy painting!


I will reply to my comments soon but this week is extra  busy!

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