Friday, 17 September 2010

Racing Ahead

New Watercolour Horse Racing Scene
Work in Progress

This morning I had a meeting where a discussion arose on my work being available as prints. I have avoided this area for so long because I prefer to only sell original pieces. There is something special in owning a piece that only you alone have hanging on your wall. But I do appreciate original paintings can be so expensive especially if they the artist becomes collectible so I am looking at a new series for prints that will be available in 2011.

I have several projects on the go that are keeping me offline and locked in my studio including working on my next book which is coming along really well and is packed with new exciting approaches to working in watercolour. I am literally dying to share certain successful experiments that have led to  really fascinating results but these will be kept until the book launch next year but I am really thrilled by them. I just wish someone had given me these ideas years ago!

So today following phone calls and meetings regarding galleries, exhibtions and workshops I am back to  moving my brush and  applying colour  in ways that thrill my artists soul. I am loving each brushstroke and my heart is beginning to sing again after losing my faithful and loving companion Taffy. I think many of us have a hole in our heart, a place that someone once filled and touched us in a way no other could. This hole I will see as treasure for all the years that were filled with love by a very special dog who started my  way of painting dogs in a loose style. I will always miss him but I am grateful for having known him and loved him.

Now I need to focus on  upcoming exhibitions and get back to sharing  as I used to.


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