Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Being Wise

 Owl Eye Appearing from a New Collection for this Autumn

The last few months have been so busy and my Summer has been full of exciting opportunities. My life is changing as my time is now taken up because of my devotion to watercolour. And in so many ways.

Writing is obviously a passion of mine as well as working in this medium so the new opportunities that have come my way involving writing art magazine features along with my first and next book have been really thrilling. Having work in established galleries who exhibit favourite subjects in the right surroundings is also an incredible and vital part of my art career.

I have made a decision that will see my workshops for 2011 limited in number but more adventurous and inspirational than ever before. Mainly because my own excitement  with this magical medium has built to a level that is at an all time high. I also have a new location that is really going to be wonderful for artists coming to me from abroad. I have the opportunity to hold a workshop in Canada in the fall next year as well as exhibit there.

I am being approached constantly regarding my art in so many ways but what is the most vital and key factor of my life is that whatever happens, I never want to lose my enthusiasm and love for moving my brush. I adore capturing new or favourite subjects in  a variety of explorational techniques that thrill me.The inner sense of wonder when something incredible happens in front of my eyes as colours merge and react on paper is part of my daily routine.

  Autumn Colours in a New Owl Painting

To meet deadlines and fulfil obligations is an area that could feel like work. As a professional artist this is a full time career but on a highly enjoyable  level.

My creative spirit thrives on being amongst positive influences. At the moment I seem to be being asked for advise from new and upcoming artists.The best advise I can offer anyone is to always follow your own instincts and heart. Do what is right for you and paint from your heart in a way that thrills you. If you are bored when you pick up your brush you are either painting the wrong  subject, maybe you have painted the same thing and in the same style for far too long or maybe you are working in the wrong medium. 


"Bored Artists paint boring paintings!"

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones in this world of art or maybe I just happen to be in the right place at  the right time.Or maybe my sheer joy in my work and the love I have for the medium is what makes things move in the right direction.
All I know is at times I have to make decisions wisely just like anyone else in life. So taking time out to think is always a wise move.

Today I am painting and thinking!



Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Always inspiring posts with wonderful color! Would you be interested in ever doing a workshop in Germany?

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you Cynthia, yes I would love to,this month is really busy but by November I should be able to look into dates and possibilities. Thank you for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I found you when you were just working on the innards of your first book and things didn't seem so crazy for you then. And now look at you so so full of such wonderful adventures and great things happening for you. How fun...... Glad to see all the other stuff isn't interfering with your beautiful watercolors. The world is your oyster and you are marveling in it.
peace n abundance to you,