Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thank you: Taffy

Taffy in snow 2009

Thank you so much to everyone for all the kind,warm and supportive messages regarding the loss of sweet Taffy who passed away last Friday. I feel shell shocked and as if my right arm  is missing. He was constantly by my side. I am used to hearing his loud snoring which interrupted many a movie at the crucial parts.  At seven on the dot every evening Taffy would not allow you to rest until you had given him his goody. A chewy stick which became part of our daily routines for the years we had him. He didn't mind who gave it to him but he had to have it every single night.  He had a way  of sitting and staring at you until you gave in and went to find one from the goody cupboard. Only then would you have peace.

In life we all face changes constantly but nothing prepares you for that sense of loss when you lose something or someone you love. We have had many pets but only one travelled all over the world with us as Taffy did. Many artists loved him from Dubai and Hong Kong to many the locations we lived throughout Europe. He herded sheep in France, followed us with the  ground crew while we were in a hot air balloon in Switzerland, came face to face with camels in the desert of Dubai and loved eating rice in China. So a huge part of my life was connected with this very dear old boy and he was a perfect gentleman. His only vice was that he adored blondes and flirted with them outrageously in ways that some male dogs do at times. Often creating embarrassment and laughter at the same time when he did.

And so I am finding myself back to painting in my studio minus having him around and it does feel very strange. Bailey our younger Bearded Collie has not eaten  properly since last Friday so my concerns and time have been spent with him. Time heals broken hearts and as much as I have been advised to I will not be getting a puppy just yet. I miss Taffy too much and it wouldn't be fair on a youngster to only have a small part of me when they deserve more than that.

I have been touched by so many cards and beautiful messages.  Far too many to thank personally but I do thank you, so very much for reaching out to me. Each one has  brought another tear but helped to let me know I have  friends out there who understand and care.

Thank you so much.


To the wonderful ex officer, your email reached me and made me aware that my blog is being read by those who don't know me well. I read each word and knew I needed to come online and explain what is happening and let everyone know I am fine. Just grieving for a lovely friend. Thank you for taking the time to write to a stranger. 

Often we never know how our kindness helps another.


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Vera Dennen said...

Jean, can't read this with dry eyes. How wonderful for Taffy and you both to have had one another, even if only a moment...