Thursday, 9 September 2010

August /September Workshops 2010

 Hawthorn Berries emerging from an Autumn Wash.
Watercolour Workshops 2010

Last week saw the first of my 2010 Autumn Workshops and as always I met some absolutely wonderful  artists on them. Normally I would have been on  my blog long before now to share news of the week but as everyone knows I lost my best friend of many years and faithful pet Taffy which truly has knocked me sideways.

Thank you to everyone who came to the sessions and I am thrilled with all the incredible messages letting me know how inspirational they have been. I hope everyone is  looking daily  at subjects with new eyes and  even seeing new unexpected subjects and gorgeous ways to paint them.

Please remember these words. Dare to be unique, different and unusual because what has been done already in the past artwise really has already been done. Be you and let your own creativity shine in ways you have never allowed yourself to shine before and I will eagerly wait to see what you  create from here in.

2011 Watercolour Workshops will be  posted on my blog and web site soon.
I may hold a special  "Painting Dogs in a Loose Style" workshop in memory of Taffy.

For now Happy Painting!



cheryl said...

Jean what a wonderful way to celebrate his life with you and his love for you and yours for him,and all the beautiful memories you now have to hold on to.I am so glad Jean you were with him to say your goodbyes and to know he knew (as he did) right to the end the love that you had for him.
Big hugs.

Debbie said...

I second Cheryl 1000% Jean. He was very special to you and you to him. You will hold him forever in your heart..... a fitting honour to do a 'doggie' workshop.

Bless you!

Sparrowhawk said...

nice painting and nice the blog!