Monday, 20 September 2010

Artists and Illustrators Magazine: Masterclass Feature

 Artists and Illustrators Magazine
Masterclass 2: Jean Haines
October 2010 Issue

 I am thrilled to be included in the Artists and Illustrators Magazine in the October 2010 issue. An extract from my book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" has been selected for the masterclass series and feature.

You can read more about the magazine which is a winner with so many artists of all levels because of its  amazing variety of  outstanding interest covering all mediums and topics related to art via this link.......

 This is the first time I have been published in the Artists and Illustrators and when I read this introduction I was over the moon.

"In this months second masterclass,watercolour expert Jean haines shows how to make the most of the medium's atmospheric  qualities as she builds up this colourful landscape "

What a terrific way to start a week!


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Wonderful news for you! I love your book....very beautiful artwork and well written.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much Cynthia.........I really appreciate your reply:)