Sunday, 31 July 2011

We Were All Beginners Once!

We Were All Beginners Once!
 A very early portrait of mine 
From an online portrait tutorial of mine years ago.
Thank you so much to everyone who liked my recent post of  a portrait  painted for an online tutorial years ago.  I have had some wonderful emails forwarded to me  from artists who loved this sweet face and many from blog readers who are literally just starting their own art journeys. 
It is worth remembering that every single artist you meet , no matter who they are was a beginner at some time in their lives. And even as established artist we all often make mistakes. I still put paintings in the bin if I am not happy with them. Friends may wish I didn't but they are just not what I was hoping to achieve!

We really are all in a fabulous world where we understand exactly what each other is going through. From learning how to paint to that moment of trying to get into a gallery, society or exhibition. Don't worry when you have bad days,those will make the good days seem far better.The best advise is to keep moving that brush,don't worry what others say about your art. Love it yourself and believe in it.

You may find this amusing but when I first went off the rails of  tried and true techniques quite a few artists didn't like my one eyed animals or portraits. My loose work was far too loose for them and I was advised to stay working as I was or I would never be successful as an artist.  But guess what?  My style is being loved now and tried by others who love it too. I stuck to my guns,stayed true to what I wanted to achieve and I am loving where I am now.

So if you want to paint a one legged cow, purple donkey or multi colour cabbage,you go for it.Your art is your own so be unique and brave enough to do so! Love what you do and don't ever be put off by those who may not see the world as you do.

On that note I will get back to painting my one eyed, one eared, two legged cat with green spots!



Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I have that tutorial printed out... it was very helpful to me. Today's post made me smile, I'm so glad you didn't listen to the nay sayers.. your delight in painting watercolors is inspiring... I love watercolor too, and seeing your latest video, I've learned to love it even more... to allow it to blend and bloom and to delight in it's unique qualities... instead of fighting it... my art work my never hang in a gallery, but it does make me happy and that's enough for me.

Susan Roux said...

Oh my goodness those eyes are to dye for! There is such a simple delicateness in this that rings so well with a young child. Beautiful. And yes, we were all beginners once...

Billie Crain said...

I remember this, Jean! I participated in your tutorial when I was just beginning to work with watercolor.

Jullia said...

How lovely said "Don't worry when you have bad days,those will make the good days seem far better.The best advise is to keep moving that brush,don't worry what others say about your art. Love it yourself and believe in it" and I would add: "so others will start to love it too" :)

Jenny said...

thank you for this post, Jean. Once again your words have struck a point with me! After doing figurative work for some time, I knew deep in my heart that abstract work was where my real artistic aspirations laid. If I had stuck with the paintings that people generally liked, and sold reasonably well, I would never have experienced the far greater satisfaction that I am getting now I am doing my abstract work. In fact, I have had far more enthusiastic praise about my work since I made the leap into the world of the abstract. So I would wholeheartedly agree with you, Jean, and echo your encouragement for all artists to learn to recognise where their artistic hearts lie, and follow the path their hearts lead them, no matter what people say.

Sandra said...

I LOVE this! It is absolutely exquisite!

Lana said...

Jean, thank you for the advice! :)
I love the loose style of watercolor painting and have been trying to find tutorials and books about it. I really enjoy painting with watercolors, but I am self-taught and my style is just fun folk art, nothing fancy. It's a bit difficult trying to learn techniques without any formal art training so I appreciate artists willing to share.