Wednesday, 1 December 2010

South Africa 2010

Shades for Jacaranda
South Africa Study 2010

My blog has been quiet as I have been away in South Africa on a wonderful trip. I can't begin to explain the sense of excitemnt in racing for my brushes having seen such glorious colour and light there.On arrival a huge Jacaranda tree stood immediately outside the whitewashed walls of the house we were staying in. Each day I marvelled at its colour knowing no flower in UK matches this perfectly. As is my way I made a few studies of the flower shapes and colours I could see whilst sat  in bright sunlight. These colours will guide me in my work when I  later paint from photographs in my studio at home. Working from a photograph alone I never feel I can truly capture the spirit of what I see in real life. This technique and painting tip brings my memory home with me more accurately.

I had initially considered a watercolour workshop there this year but my work load recently has been so great that I began to come to terms with the fact that I needed food for my own artists soul. A break with just time to relax and study colour and light in a new location.

I have had such a wonderful time and seen so many new subjects which I am dying to share. The sights, food, people and sounds every where we went  were all stunning. And the good news is that  I now have a programme for a workshop to be scheduled into my diary in South Africa next year which I will share on my next entry!


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