Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Calling All Artists in UK,: BBC 2 TV Show

 A unique TV Opportunity 

 While I was away I was contacted regarding a TV show  in UK called " Show Me the Monet" . I agreed to forward the information to as many artists as I can so here it is!

 Artists from UK are being invited to submit paintings  which will be selected for an exhibition which will take place in London next year.  I have been unable to get online until now and the deadline is this Sunday. This  is open to artists of all levels and could be a wonderful way to gain the exposure you would love to have but until now have only dreamed of.

Good luck to all artists  submitting and I will definitely be  going to the show!

You can read full details via this link............


"Calling All Artists...

The Show:

BBC 2 has commissioned a new 10-part art series called 'Show Me The Monet' (working title).

We would like artists from across the nation to submit their art to us - whether you have publicly displayed any of your work before or not, whether you have ever sold any of your work before or not, we want to see it! This could be your chance to get your art seen not just by some very prominent members of the art world but also by the nation… and it could be the first step on the road to recognition and success for you.

Our Hanging Committee (a panel of three renowned art experts) is searching for great art from both amateurs and professionals alike. Anyone can enter as long as you submit your own personal work of art. It could be a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, a drawing, a ceramic - as long as you have created it yourself, you can enter it .

The Hanging Committee needs great art to put into a new exhibition where members of the art establishment, together with members of the public, can view and buy the work that is selected. All the work at the exhibition will have a guide price attached but will be offered for sale by 'blind bid' - meaning that potential buyers will not know what anyone else has bid until the sale is over!

How to enter: take a photo of your best piece of work , download the application form and fill it in, find a photo of yourself and send the photos and application form to the email address.

Submission opening date: 4th November 2010

Submission closing date: 23:59 on Sunday 5th December 2010 "

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Paul Apps S.A.A. A.F.C. said...

Jean thanks for the heads up...
Glad someone has their finger on the pulse
Paul XX